Destiny is calling me

Can’t you hear its cry

Destiny is calling my name

So far away

So close to home

Destiny is calling me

Can’t you hear the whispering cry of my name

Destiny started as a dream I dreamed

A vision that came in between

So much hope

So much fear

I planned, I believed, I tried, I dreamed

Destiny is calling my name

My insides are filled with so much fire and fear

I’m anxious, I’m excited, I’m burning with passion and desire

I’m longing for my tomorrow

A place of forgotten sorrows

No more failures, No more pain

Destiny is crying out my name

Can’t you see me there

Standing proud amongst the crowd

Not in a line or behind

Leading them towards salvation and a life with no sin

 Destiny is calling my name

Can’t you hear the cries from within

Destiny is calling me out

I’m ready to go

I’m ready to run

My deep calleth unto your deep